Free Historical Sites: 3 Amazing Historic Sites to Visit Free

Across America
By: Jacqui Denker | Victor Padilla Posted: 10:50 AM, Jun 5, 2019

Put your wallet away, because we’re heading to some totally fun and free historical sites the U.S. has to offer.


1. Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site


We’re kicking off our tour of free historical sites in Philly at the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site. Open to the public for free is a home where famed writer, editor and poet, Edgar Allan Poe once lived. “Most people when they think of Edgar Allan Poe, they think of Baltimore,” says Helen McKenna-Uff, National Park Ranger at the Poe House. “They know that he lived there; he’s buried there. What I like to say is they have the body – we have the body of work.” While living in Philly he wrote classics including The Black Cat, which this house may have influenced. “When you go into the basement, you will see the false chimney where the corpse is concealed and ultimately where the narrator meets his doom,” describes Helen. The site is open year-round from Friday through Sunday.


2. Denver Mint


Next on our list of free historical sites is Denver, Colorado, home of the Denver Mint. The 45-minute guided tour takes you through the historic building where they have been producing coins since 1906 for the American public. You can learn how the coins are made and watch it happen in real time. Unfortunately, they don’t offer free samples! Check it out year-round from Monday through Thursday.


3. Cable Car Museum


Last but not least, let’s head to San Francisco for the Cable Car Museum. Here you can actually watch the wheels and engines that pull the cables for the city’s trams! The museum also features antique cable cars, photos and cable displays. Check it out yearly seven days a week.


We’re feeling smarter already! Now you can, too, with these free historical sites to visit across America.


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