Free Music Apps: How to Download, Stream & Listen to Free Music

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By: Victor Padilla Posted: 12:02 PM, Nov 13, 2018

Looking for free music apps? Then keep reading! The List has rounded up three free music apps that let you download, stream and listen to free music.


1. Stream Free Music with SoundCloud

Let’s start our list of free music apps with SoundCloud. If you love discovering new artists and obscure songs, you’ll want to download this app ASAP. SoundCloud is great for listening to independent artists, unique song mixes, and even replays of DJ and radio segments. SoundCloud is also a forum where fans post leaked, shelved, and limited release music – making it a great platform for finding obscure tracks. But don’t lose these hard-to-find tunes! SoundCloud lets you “like” your favorite tunes, which you can compile into a playlist enjoy later.  One of the best features of the app is the ability to listen to audio while using other apps on your phone, or even when your phone is idle. The app is supported by ads, which you can bypass with a paid subscription, but otherwise use of the service is totally free.


2. Download Free Music with DatPiff

Next on our round up best free music apps is a little somethin’ for the hip hop lovers across the world. DatPiff christens itself as “the authority in free mixtapes” – and just one look at their website demonstrates why! Boasting over three million unique users, DatPiff offers a wide array of free albums and mixtapes for fans of rap, R&B, and urban music. The website even lets you download audio for free! DatPiff is available for both iOS and Android.


3. Best Free Music Apps: YouTube

Most of us think of YouTube as a video sharing platform, but it’s also a great free source for various types of music and audio. As a matter of fact, many videos that get posted solely feature audio – so don’t overlook YouTube as one of the best free music apps out there! You can often listen to entire albums from popular artists within one video, or rock out to public playlists of an artist or band’s greatest hits. But wait, there’s more! You don’t just have to listen to music – you can access an infinite assortment of sound effects for meditation, mood-setting, instrumentals, podcast replays, and much more!


If you’re looking for free music apps, now you know of at least three you should download ASAP!


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