Free Online Games: Best Free Games to Play Online Without Downloading Anything

By: Orlando Morales | Kristina Guerrero | Victor Padilla Posted: 12:34 PM, Apr 12, 2019

Looking for free online games? We’ve got you covered! Forget buying an expensive video game system. You only need a web browser to play these online games. And the best part? Yup, they’re absolutely free! Buckle up, because we’re showing you the best free games to play online without downloading anything.


1. Games of Thrones: Winter is Coming


Let’s kick off our list of free online games with Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming – a real-time strategy game officially licensed by HBO. It starts you off with an easy-to-understand tutorial so even non-gamers can get in on the fun. Players progress by building a base and training an army to defend or take territory. Keep winning battles and you’ll eventually take the iron throne and become ruler of the seven kingdoms of Westeros. Give it a go to find out why we consider it one of the best free games to play online without downloading anything.


2. My Free Farm 2


Next on our list of free games to play online without downloading? My Free Farm 2 – a virtual farming game where you cultivate crops, raise livestock, and expand your farming operation. You plant produce, water fields, feed animals and harvest your farm-fresh goods once they’re grown. And as a bonus, they have an app you can play on your phone while you’re away from home. This one of those free online games you’ll want to play for hours and hours!


3. Town of Salem


Last, let’s talk about Town of Salem – a free murder mystery game set in the age of the witch trials. It’s actually a jazzed-up video game version of the popular party game Mafia. At the start of each match, players are secretly assigned a role – mafia or innocent. The mafia knows who’s in the mob and vote on whacking an innocent in one phase – while the surviving players debate on who’s in the mafia and vote someone to the gallows in the other. Eliminate the mobsters and the innocent team wins! Sounds brutal, but it’s cute and cartoony. Give it a try and you’ll see why we think it’s one of the coolest free games to play online without downloading anything.


As long as you’ve got an internet browser, anyone can take advantage of these fun games to play online without downloading anything.


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