Free Travel Apps: 10 Best Travel Apps to Download ASAP

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By: Cindy G. Castillo | Lindsey Granger Posted: 10:19 AM, Aug 22, 2018 Updated: 10:23 AM, Aug 22, 2018

Travel apps – don’t underestimate how handy it can be to have them with you during your travels. As we inch closer to Labor Day, there’s still time to take one last summer getaway! The List reached out to travel expert and author of How to Pack Hitha Palepu for a few free travel apps that can help, plus a few more we dug up to enhance your entire travel experience.

1. Skiplagged 

Skiplagged lets you save up to 80% of your flight’s cost by exposing the secrets of the industry. Let’s say you’re heading from New York to San Francisco and the direct flight is expensive. Skiplagged help you find cheaper flight options that have a layover in San Fran. Then, just hop off at the layover stop. 

Airlines are getting smarter and noting travelers who do this frequently, so just make sure you don’t keep doing it on the same airlines. Use it cautiously, but do get some great deals on there that can’t be beat. Def one of the best free travel apps!

2. Trip It 

Next on our list of free travel apps is Trip It, which searches your email for confirmations related to travel. This way all of your travel plans like flight, hotel, car rental and even dinner plans are instantly organized in one place. The app can also work offline. 

3. Packpoint  

Packpoint asks you a few questions about destination, length of stay, purpose of your trip, and generates a packing list for you. It lets you think about your trips more strategically so you know you’re packing the right things. The list includes things like wardrobe, toiletries and electronics. And if you think something is unnecessary, just delete it. 

4. XE Currency 

Traveling to a foreign country is exciting, but the math behind currency conversion can be overall confusing. That’s where XE Currency comes in handy. All you have to do is choose the currency you’d like to convert from first, enter an amount, and it will give you the equivalent in all other currencies. It’s super helpful because it doesn’t require an internet connection to be used. No wonder it makes our list of best free travel apps!

5. Sit or Squat 

So, you’re out and about exploring a foreign city, but now you need to run to the restroom and there’s no one to be found. Don’t worry. Sit or Squat’s here to help. This bad boy scans a database of more than 100,000 restrooms that have been rated “sit,” which is a good rating, or “squat” – a bad rating. And of course, from there you can find the one closest to you. 

6. Pocket 

If you find yourself with nothing to do on those long roads or flights, why not catch up on a good read? Pocket lets you save articles that you can have on hand whenever you’d like to read over. It also gives you information based on your destination, like restaurant recommendations and the best attractions. The app works without internet connection. 

7. American Red Cross First Aid 

We can’t predict accidents, but we can be prepared for them. The American Red Cross First Aid app gives you tons of useful information for any medical incident. It tells you step-by-step instructions on what to do in case of bites, burns, injuries and so much more.  

8. Mobile Passport 

Mobile Passport make sour list of free travel apps because it lets you skip the regular line at the airport to enter the country. It is authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and all you have to do is register with your passport information. The app is accepted only at selected airports, so make sure to check ahead of time at their official website. 

9. Duolingo

If you slacked on that foreign language you planned on learning before your trip, don’t stress! Duolingo is by far one of the best free travel apps to get you up to speed with any language. Not only does it offer different language courses, but it also lets you chat with bots so that you can learn real phrases you’ll be most likely to use on your trip. 

10. Detour – One of the Best Free Travel Apps

Want to take a tour, but want to skip the cheesy jokes from an actual tour guide? Then Detour’s right up your alley. It offers full audio walking tours to cities all over the world from the perspective of the journalists and filmmakers that have created them. They call themselves the “world’s first social audio tour” for good reason!


So, there you have it! If you’re looking for the best free travel apps, now you know of 10 you should download ASAP!




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