Frida Kahlo, An Immersive Biography

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By: Cindy Castillo | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 3:46 PM, Aug 4, 2022 Updated: 1:49 PM, Aug 5, 2022

‘Frida Kahlo, An Immersive Biography’ uses projections, photographs, music, and a breath-taking VR experience to tell the life story of one of Mexico’s greatest artists.  We asked the exhibit’s Operations Manager, Valentina Rodriguez, for some insights into the life of this highly influential 20th century painter. 

Physical pain had a big hand in her art

In her teens, Kahlo was involved in a bus accident that left her bedridden for several months. She turned to painting to pass the time, largely focusing on self-portraits; some of the pieces she did during this period later became regarded as some of her greatest work. While her recuperation was intensely painful, she was resilient, and her pain filled her canvases with dramatic fire.

So did emotional pain.

Kahlo’s romance with painter Diego Rivera was volatile, involving messy fights and multiple extra-marital affairs.  The love hate relationship was often agonizing, but painting helped her process her feelings — and made her art incredibly vibrant.  

She also incoporated outside influences

Life experiences were a common theme in Kahlo’s paintings, but she was also inspired by her passion for Mexican culture, and explored topics of race, gender, and sexuality.

Valentina says this is probably why everybody knows Frida Kahlo — because of her extraordinary sensitivity to all the world around her.  

She is a big moneymaker

Though she sold very few paintings in her lifetime, today, she’s one of the highest-selling women in art, and one of her pieces currently holds the record for the most expensive work of Latin art. 

That’s quick portrait of Frida Kahlo.