Fruits & Veggies: 3 Ways to Save Ugly Produce

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Eve Whitaker Posted: 9:21 PM, Jun 7, 2016

In the U.S. about one in five fruits and veggies don't meet grocery store cosmetic standards.  They're perfectly good to eat, but that two headed pepper, or crooked carrot, goes to waste because it doesn't look like the others. There are things we can do to stop this wonky waste! Bradley Hasemeyer and Sustainability Specialist at Sprouts Farmer's Market, Justin Kacer, have three ways to stop the food wasting that will also save you money.

1.  Rescue Programs

Sprouts has a food rescue program where they take imperfect produce that isn't in retail condition, but it’s still perfectly edible. To achieve zero waste, Sprouts teams up with hunger relief agencies to get imperfect produce to those who will put it good use.

2.  Delivery Programs

Imperfect Produce is an organization in the Bay Area that sells and delivers cosmetically challenged produce for nearly half the cost of those perfect ones sold in the store.

3.  Local Grocery Stores

Both Whole Foods and Giant Eagle have started imperfect produce bins in some of their stores. So you can get great tasting produce at a deep discount.

Saving food and your money from being wasted!

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