Fully Funded: 3 Cool Crowdfunded Gadgets to Own in 2018

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By: Orlando Morales | Teresa Strasser Posted: 10:28 PM, Jun 7, 2018 Updated: 3:50 PM, Jun 25, 2018

A touchless water faucet, a ruler that measures curves, and a wireless HD projector – these are three recent products from crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo that have our attention. Read on the learn more!


1. Autowater Pro


Coming in at number three is Autowater Pro, a faucet attachment designed to filter your water and get it flowing with the wave of a hand. They met their goal in nine days asking for $20,000, but they've already raised over $40,000! It should retail for around $80, and come out in July.


2. Rollova


Number two on our list is Rollova, a compact digital ruler designed to measure curves and lines one roll at a time. They were fully funded in two days, asking for $25,000, but so far they've raised over $100,000. They plan to retail for about $60, and we should see it in September.


3. GoSho


And taking the number one spot on our fully funded list is GoSho, a wireless HD projector. Out of the three projects we chose, this one went over their goal the most, and crushed it in less than a day. The GoSho is also designed to work with your Google Home and Amazon Alexa. GoSho initially asked for $10,000, but they've already raised over $70,000. The GoSho should retail for about $500, and plans to come out in august.


Now you know about three useful-looking products that should be hittin' the shelves soon, because they're fully funded.


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