Who is Shakespeare? 3 Cool Fun Facts About William Shakespeare

By: Todd Covelli | Segun Oduolowu | Victor Padilla Posted: 9:05 AM, Apr 23, 2019

All the world’s a stage, and the people merely players. This phrase is just one gem from Shakespeare’s luminous lexicon bestowed on our current vernacular. Shakespeare still talks to us in many other ways, more than 400 years after his passing. To celebrate his influence, we spoke with Mary Way of the Southwest Shakespeare Company to round up a few fun facts about William Shakespeare.


1. He Coined Hundreds of Words & Phrases


Let’s kick off our fun facts about Williams Shakespeare with this first tidbit: he coined hundreds of words and phrases that we still use today. We can thank the playwright for terms such as “amazement”, “dead as a doornail”, “for goodness sake” and “wild goose chase”, “hot blooded” and “silly.” Pretty neat, right?


2. He Inspired Iconic Hollywood Movies


Let’s continue our fun facts about William Shakespeare with this next factoid. Did you know he inspired many of Hollywood’s most iconic movies? “Probably the oldest, best example in popular culture is West Side Story,” says Mary. “It’s Romeo and Juliet!” Another example is Disney’s The Lion King, which was inspired by Hamlet. The movie even contains a scene where Scar holds up a skull – that’s straight out of Hamlet!


3. He’s a Best-Selling Author


We’ll end our fun facts about William Shakespeare impact with one final nugget: he’s one of the bestselling authors of all time. “It’s true – second only to the Bible. We’ll take the King James version of the Bible, because that actually was Shakespeare’s king,” says Mary. Yup, King James has sold five billion, but Shakespeare has sold an equally impressive sold four billion books!


If you’ve been itching to know some fun facts about William Shakespeare, now you know how the world’s greatest dramatist continues to touch our modern lives.


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