Fashion of the Future: 3 Mind-Blowing Interactive Clothing Tech

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By: Brian Corsetti Posted: 9:37 PM, Nov 15, 2016 Updated: 10:58 AM, Jul 5, 2018

From phones to watches, everything is becoming smart these days and soon the jacket on your back will be as well. Brian Corsetti found three companies walking us into the future with interactive clothing.

1.  Project Jacquard

Google and Levi’s are teaming up on Project Jacquard, a commuter jacket that connects to your smartphone. That conductive thread technology recognizes gestures through an app. Plans are to have it in stores in spring of 2017 for both men and women with no set price as of yet.


This line brings your jewelry to life by connecting it to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Right now these are only available in Vienna, but other jewelry designers are doing similar work.

3.  Robotic Clothing

Designer Anouk Wipprecht is rethinking the entire world of fashion. Her clothes move based on how you’re feeling, so if you’re feeling emotional your clothes will be the first to let you know. Talk about wearing your emotions on your sleeve.

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