Future of Phones: 3 mind-blowing realities

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By: Jared Cotter | Meredith Witthar Posted: 5:47 PM, Mar 16, 2017

Right now chances are that you have your phone in your hand, or at least nearby. Most of us are obsessed with them and in less than two weeks Samsung will unveil their new smartphone. Apple is also expected to make some big announcements in the next few days. The big question is — what will the next generation of phones look like and what will they do? The internet is full of theories so Jared Cotter, TechCruch's Brian Heater and Prong's Jesse Pliner have rounded them all up to give you a preview.

1.  Apple’s New iPhone

There’s probably going to be the common iPhone 7s and 7s Plus models coming out and then the one which people are talking about a lot is what people are calling the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X. The "X" would celebrate the iPhone's 10th anniversary, but even without a confirmed name, Apple isn't expected to disappoint.  There’s a good chance they’re going to pull out all the stops this time with high-res, edge-to-edge displays. The home button might be disappearing and replaced with a touch screen bar like in the newest MacBook Pro. There’s even speculation that a 3D selfie could be reality.

2.  Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s newest addition to the Galaxy family — which will be unveiled March 29 — and this is expected to have a larger phone body and a bigger screen, with no home button. There will be a plus version and that one will basically be a small tablet at 6.2 inches. They’re even releasing their own version of Apple's Siri – reportedly called Bixby. It’s likely to be smarter than some of the other smart assistants out there.

3.  Nokia 3310

Nokia is kicking it old school with their reimagined Nokia 3310. It debuted at the Mobile World Congress trade show at the end of February. It's got a new design so it lasts even longer than that 3310 you remember and it has 10 times the talk time and it could last a month in standby mode. There’s no surfing the web or checking Facebook, but you can text, take pics and most importantly — it comes with an update on your favorite game of old… Snake! There's no official release date, but rumor is you can snatch one up in May for around $52. That’s a huge price cut compared to the original cost 17 years ago at $160.

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