Gameboy Forever

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By: Todd Covelli | Haddie Djemal Posted: 2:48 PM, Jun 8, 2022

Whether you play games on your smartphone or a home console, there’s a good chance you were hooked by one of Nintendo’s legendary Gameboy units. And while gaming has evolved, the Gameboy ecosystem is alive and well, from d-i-y refurbishing kits to brand new games.

YouTuber and retro gaming enthusiast, Tito Perez of Macho Nacho Productions, shows us three ways your old Gameboy can live forever — starting with d-i-y upgrades, or “mods” as they’re known.

Starting with an easy facelift.

“There’s a huge array of colors for the shell, you can change the buttons,” says Perez. You simply unscrew the console and reassemble it with a shiny new shell and buttons and – voila! – your Gameboy is a Game Man. You can even level up the screen with a no-solder kit. “You can get an IPS LCD screen that’s backlit, with vivid colors.”

Next up, the ever-important analogue pocket.

Perez says this is a must have. “All the modern amenities that you could want in a Gameboy are in this,” he shares. “Like a hi-res screen, super-fast processing and the ability to play games from every Gameboy model. And also, there’s a dock, so you can play this with a wireless controller on your television.” Sounds just like the bump into the new decade it needs!

Last, back it up.

Backup systems can be the most important part of an aging video game collection. “This device provides a convenient, all in one solution for backing up your cartridge-based games,” Perez says. “A lot of these cartridges rely on what’s called volatile memory, so they require a battery to retain their saved data.And when that battery dies, your saved data is gone.” The cartridge reader works with almost all retro games but is expensive at $175 — a less expensive option is the 50-dollar Gameboy operator., It backs up all your games plus, gives you a way to play back these games on your computer.

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