Garage Sales: Make $1 Million with Yard Sales? Try these 3 Tips

By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 7:45 PM, Feb 19, 2018

Can you really make a million dollars from selling your old junk?  One man managed to do it, and now he's spelling his resale secrets!


Garage sales are a great way to clear out your house, but they’re more than just tossing some old clothes on the lawn.  It's an art! We spoke with Aaron Lapedis, author of Garage Sale Millionaire, who made a million bucks reselling goods he bought for more money. Now he's sharing three tips on how to host a successful yard sale.


1. Expect Early Birds


The first garage sales secret is to expect early birds. Aaron says neighbors who arrive early can be very motivated buyers. "You'll have people camp out in front of your house waiting for you to say, 'take a look, buy everything,’” Aaron explains. “It's exciting, but don't shoo them away." Instead, Aaron recommends leveraging the anticipation to build excitement about your sale. Which leads us to our next tip!


2. Make it Fun


Tip number two is all about making it fun – so folks are enticed to buy more! “When the garage sale is on, I'm playing music,” Aaron shares. “I [also] have my son in the front having a lemonade stand.” A fun shopping environment equals bigger profits! Aaron also insists turning on the charm and chatting it up with your neighbors. “When you see people looking at items, you know, talk to them, tell 'em the background of that item.” If you have a story about the item, you'll engage them more, and see how much they're willing to spend. It sure pays to be neighborly!


3. Price it to Move


Aaron’s final tip is to price your items to move! "I like to price it around anywhere from 10 to 30 off that item. But check eBay,” he advises. “That's a very good way of finding out what the price should be. So if eBay says it's $30, then you should be under eBay.” He also says it's best not to price anything under $15. “Your goal is to have somebody look at it [and] say, 'What would you take for this item?' And then your comeback is, 'what would you offer?' And then you will settle somewhere in the middle." A little research and negotiation goes a long way!


Near the end of the sale, you can also try Aaron’s 5 dollar box tactic. "I would definitely start gathering up a whole bunch of things, throw it in a box and write 'everything in this box for $5.’ And when people start to look at it, they get excited, they go crazy.” We can’t wait to try this idea!


Dust off your old junk and throw a fabulous yard sale this weekend!