Gen What? Bringing the generations together

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By: Jimmy Rhoades | Cassarah Coffey Posted: 8:13 PM, Apr 3, 2017

OK admit it– you hear different generation names and you immediately form an opinion like old, punk, lazy and maybe even cynical – but did you know these opinions can make a real difference in how we see each other, talk to each other and work with each other? Jimmy Rhoades is talking with generational expert Scott Zimmer and psychologist Dr. Jean Twenge to break down the habits of the different generations so we can better understand one another, without the gap.

1.  Baby Boomers

Born between 1946 and 1964, they put generational narcissism on the map. Those hippies are now workaholics, working 50, 60 and even 70 hours a week. For them hard work really means face time and not the Facebook app. That's not to say they haven't embraced Facebook.

2.  Generation X

They were born roughly between 1965 and 1980. Xers were a generation of latchkey children. Growing up in formative years they saw the divorce rate sky rocket and more moms entering the workplace, so a lot of them would get home after school and have the run of the place for a couple of hours. They have a bit of middle child syndrome and this makes them a little bit pessimistic.

3.  Millennials

They were born between 1980 and 1994 and are all about tolerance and experiences. This is changing the workplace because they value a work-life balance. Time spent with friends is just as important as answering a work email at night.

4.  iGeneration

Also known as Generation Z, this generation is defined as people born after 1994 and grew up in a connected, technology saturated world. They’re on their phone at least two hours each day and are blind with optimism. They want to align themselves with a company that has a message and a purpose that is in line with their own beliefs. They want to feel like their job makes a difference.

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