Get Inspired: 3 kids conquering the impossible

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 5:55 PM, Jun 1, 2017

Sometimes, when you're going about your day, accomplishing your goals and chasing those dreams, a monster comes across our path: the Doubt Monster. This little guy comes around to tell you that you're too different to accomplish those goals or you're not good enough to follow those dreams. But don't worry – we've got the doubt repellent you need to keep on trucking and give that monster the boot, and it's all in this 60 Second Docs video about ballet dancer Gabriel Romero:

So whether you're the oldest person in your weekend yoga classes or the youngest person at your new job, whatever you're working through, when that Doubt Monster shows up, remember Gabe's advice: "It doesn't matter what other people think. It matters what you want, what your inner passion is, and you should reach for that," – then pirouette away in majesty.

If you need more ammunition to keep the doubts at bay, check out these other inspiring individuals breaking all kinds of expectations, that also just so happen to be kids – if they can follow their hearts to stuff, so can us adults right? I mean, we were kids once…

1. Climbing Queen

This teen is considered by some of the world's best climbers to be one of the best upcoming athletes in the sport. See how she balances teenage life and struggles and keeping up with world-class climbers in this video from The North Face.

2. Child's Pose

Nama-say what? Tabay Atkins is America's youngest yoga teacher who instructs classes for people of all ages. Even more impressive than his yoga skills are his big heart and his desire to give to others… *shedding tear*

3. Middle School Phenom

If you haven't heard of Jaden Newman yet, you must live under a rock. But don't drop said rock – or pass it – because this middle school basketball star will steal it, then dunk it on you: Nothing but net.

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