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By: Kristina Guerrero | Dave Taylor Posted: 9:59 PM, Sep 12, 2017

Sometimes, when we're stuck at our desks on a sunny afternoon, we get that feeling inside that says, "Man, if I could just hit the road and never look back, I would." If you think it's impossible – think again. Photographer Simon Stiles, and his pup, Champ, has been traveling in a van for the past two years and, if you ask him, it's the life. Check out how he lived in this profile by Exploring Alternatives:

Still can't believe that Stiles has been on the road for two years? Curious about how you could do it yourself? Feed your wanderlust, or get ideas for your own life-in-a-van adventure with three other videos featured on Exploring Alternatives.

1. From House to Boat

If you can't believe some people would be able to fit their lives into a van, find out how two women figured out how to fit their lives (and two cats) in a small space, built for the open water.

2. DIY Tiny House

If tiny homes are more your speed when it comes to easy, mini living, get some design ideas and learn what it takes to make one for yourself!

3. Bus Life

Think you'd need more room for your in-home-traveling? How about a bus? Hang out with Skool and the Gang and se what it takes to build, live, and travel in a bus full time.

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