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By: Meredith Witthar | Teresa Strasser | Edited for Web by Dave Hanson Posted: 11:48 PM, Jul 14, 2022 Updated: 9:37 AM, Jul 22, 2022

You may have seen their product line in the Container Store or Walmart, or maybe you’ve watched their show on Netflix called “Get Organized With The Home Edit” — either way the women of the Home Edit empire are a whirlwind force of cleaning, helping both celebs and regular folks de-clutter and use the space to create life-changing new living areas. We talked to one of the stars Joanna Teplin in an interview sponsored by Nature Made Wellblends about how decluttering your home can destress your life — and how the Home Edit techniques can work for you.

The first step — start small

Organizing a cluttered house is an overwhelming project — so start with manageable, bite size pieces. If you try to tackle a whole room at once, you’ll probably get overwhelmed and give up — so break it down into tiny sections like a drawer, a closet shelf, or the space under the bed.

Edit your items

This is all about doing a first cut — so reduce before you try to organize. That means getting rid of anything there’s no reason to keep, aka those puzzles that are missing a piece, and those cords that don’t really go to anything you own. And of course, stuff you don’t need, like that lamp that just never fit in.


This means separating related things into specific groups. Devise a labeling system — either by writing out labels as you go, or with a plan the Home Edit ladies call the rainbow method (you’ll have to watch the video!)

The final step… contain everything

True decluttering is all about organization — so the process involves using baskets, bins, drawers — whatever you need to compartmentalize as you go. This cuts distraction and lets you focus on the task at hand.

Decluttering your life, so you can spread your wings — Home Edit style.