Get Rid of Migraines: 3 Foods to Stay Away From

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 9:13 PM, Oct 5, 2016

Crunching numbers on spreadsheets and lack of sleep are obvious triggers for migraines, but did you know there are a lot of foods that can cause them too — some of them that are otherwise healthy?  Lindsey Granger and Dr. Natasha Bhuyan have three foods to cut from your diet so you can avoid the headaches.

1.  Dried Fruits

Things like dried apricots and prunes contain sulfites, which is the preservative for the fruits and they actually have five times the amount of sulfites that red wine does. Reach for almonds or fresh fruit instead if you’re looking for a great snack.

2.  Processed Meats

Hot dogs, deli meat and bacon — if you get migraines don't eat any of this for breakfast, lunch or dinner. When you east meats that are actually pre-processed they contain sodium nitrates that can dilate the blood vessels in your brain and lead to headaches.

3.  Leftovers

This goes against conventional wisdom, not to waste food, but leftovers are bad news when you have migraine headaches. They can accumulate tyramine that has been linked to migraine headaches.

If you stay away, or at least go easy on these items you might just save yourself from a big headache.

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