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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 9:30 PM, May 18, 2017

It's the chore no one wants to do and the chore that'll never go away: doing the dishes. If you're anything like me, you'd rather buy plastic cups and plates for daily use than have to wash a round of dishes (…not even kidding…). But with May 18th being National No Dirty Dishes Day and spring cleaning season coming to an end, there's no time like the present to get those rubber gloves on and get serious.

So here are 6 dirty dish hacks you can use to conquer that stack of dirty dishware. And just in time too… the height of my dirty dishes are starting to threaten my hanging begonia plant…

1. Use Cold Water on Dairy or Starchy Messes

When you use hot water on dairy or starch messes, it can make the food remnants stickier and harder to get rid of. So if you're planning on washing a dish covered in mac and cheese and breadcrumbs by hand, use cold water to clean what's left on the plate.

2. Don't Pre-Soak Those Dishes

You might think you're giving your dishwasher a hand by pre-soaking dishes before they go in, but according to Woman's Day, dish detergents are made to attack food particles stuck on dishes. So if you put in items that are too clean, you can actually wear down their material or make them cloudy. Make sure to scrape off large food chunks, but after that, just toss those dishes in.

3. Use Kool-Aid to Wash Your Dishwasher

Not just any flavor will work, though – only the lemonade flavor can help get your dishwasher sparkling. Clean lime deposits and mildew stains inside your washer by pouring a packet of lemonade Kool-Aid into the detergent cup and running the dishwasher while empty. The secret is the citric acid in the powder, which helps weaken caked on dirty spots.

4. Boil Water and Salt to Get Rid of Burn Marks

While scrubbing can help you bulk up your biceps, save your arm workouts for the gym. Instead of harsh elbow work, fill the burn marked pot with cold water and 2-3 tablespoons of salt, then let it sit on the stove overnight. The next day, bring the water to a boil, drain the pan, then wash it with soap in the sink like usual.

5. Keep Sponges Dry with A Binder Clip

Sponges help keep our dishes clean but they can also get pretty gross in the process. Keep them from getting moldy or mildewy by attaching a binder clip to hold the sponge upright for faster drying and less soaking.

6. Clean Better By Stacking Better

How you put your dirty dishes in your dishwasher and on your drying rack does matter. In the dishwasher, plates and dishes should be stacked facing the center of the washer and cups should rest between the dish prongs, not on them.

For your counter's drying rack, clean and stack the largest pots and pans first, then arrange smaller dishes around them.

* Bonus Tip:

The easiest way to keep a handle on your dishes? Wash the ones you're finished with while you're cooking or wash the dishes right after using them. Is it an obvious hack? Yeah.

But would I be lying if I said that I actually used this hack as often as I should? Also yeah.

* Bonus Tip #2:

Just try to sneak your dishes into the sink, then sneak away, and hope no one notices.

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