Girl Receives “Twin” Doll With Prosthetic Leg

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By: Jaime Purvis | Travis Oscarson Posted: 3:26 PM, Jun 6, 2016

10-year-old Emma Bennett cried tears of joy when she received the most perfect American Girl doll. The doll shares the same prosthetic leg as Emma. Her mom posted a video on Facebook, of her reaction.  

Emma was born with a rare birth defect that required the amputation of her leg when she was just nine months old. As she grew up, she was fitted for a prosthetic leg and learned how to walk. Now, Emma is part of her school's cheerleading team and continues to prove that nothing will stop her. 

Her mother, Courtney Bennett told her local news station, KTRK-TV, that she knew Emma would be excited. Nobody expected Emma to have such an emotional reaction. 

Here are some of the emotions from the video:

1. Anticipation

Emma had a giant smile on her face, excited about her gift. 

2. Shock

As she read the letter, she realized what was so special about the doll.  

3. Pure Joy

Emma begins to cry tears of happiness, and so did we!

The Internet has fallen in love with Emma's pure joy. The video has been shares over 200,000 times!

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