Give your vaycay the star treatment at the Arizona Biltmore

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By: Dave Taylor Posted: 6:34 PM, May 8, 2017

Every state has a historical gem that beckons tourists from around the country and creates memories of glitzy days of old. If you're looking for a vacation destination that will bring you back to the days of Silver Screen stars and Old Hollywood Glamour, look no further than the historic Arizona Biltmore Hotel.

Often considered to have been designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the hotel was actually designed by a student of his, Albert Chase McArthur. But that's not the only cool fun fact about the 88 year old hotel. It's been home to famous singers and actors from the Golden Ages of Cinema and has even been the creation site for one of our favorite cocktails. Dive into the vast and glamorous past of The Biltmore Hotel with these 3 surprising facts about its history.

1. Birthplace of "White Christmas"

It might seem a bit ironic to write about a snow covered holiday while lounging in the sun, but that's what Irving Berlin did in 1940 when he wrote one of the most famous Christmas carols ever, poolside, at the Biltmore.

2. Home of the Impromptu Concert

You could find just about anyone who was anyone at The Biltmore back in the day, which means you could also walk into a surprise concert while getting back to your room from the pool. It happened to Biltmore visitors one night in 1988 when Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Liza Minnelli had come from a concert, noticed a piano, and decided to sing and play, just for fun! You could have been rocking out to music greats in your pajamas!

3. Birthplace of The Tequila Sunrise

The next time you raise this delicious cocktail to your lips, be sure to thank Biltmore bartender Gene Sulit who created the drink in 1939 at a bar inside the historic hotel. With all those celebrities running around, beverage creativity must have had to be at an all time high to keep the party going!

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