GloZell Green Shares 3 Secrets to Living a Healthier Lifestyle

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By: Meredith Whittar Posted: 1:49 PM, Jul 24, 2018

Ever feel like you’re ready to make a huge change in your life? One YouTuber who goes by GloZell Green did, and the results are breathtaking. She’s been sharing her journey on YouTube for ten years, but after having her daughter, she decided it was time to ditch her signature green lipstick and go for a “glow up.” She shook things up, and even lost 70 pounds along the way. So get ready to take notes, because GloZell is sharing three secrets to a healthier you.  

1. Don’t Put Yourself in a Box 

GloZell says the glow up happened spontaneously and the moment she decided to devote more time to herself. “Green [lipstick] is fine, but you don’t have to wear it all the time,” she explains, “I changed up my look a little bit, so I was still wild and crazy, but I was a little bit more “mwah.”” 

For so long, she was used to being the wild and crazy YouTuber doing crazy viral challenges like the Hot Pepper Challenge, that she admits to being afraid of change. “It was hard for me,” she says.  “You would think that it was just changing clothes, but I felt like I didn’t want anyone to think I was changing who I was.” We love you no matter what you wear, girl!

2. Don’t Force It 

GloZell believes that when you don’t force things, change will come naturally. She explains how she held the weight as a security blanket for her channel. “You know, I thought being heavier is a little bit funny, and for what I do I thought I needed that,” GloZell reveals. “So, I’m happy that fans are still there, and that I’m confident in different ways, and it just works.” Aw, we’re so touched!

The YouTube star is at the top of her game with more than 4.7 million subscribers and counting. 

3. Take Baby Steps & Be Consistent 

Part of not forcing any sort of change is taking small steps. And GloZell knows very well that changing one habit at a time will make it easier to reach any health goal. “For me, I was very much a cupcake person, so I would go work out, have a green juice, then eat 12 cupcakes,” she reveals.

GloZell has found numerous ways to stay on track when it comes to making healthier choices, while still keeping true to herself and her contagious humor. Follow her journey through her YouTube Channel, and get started on your own path towards a more “Glo-listic” lifestyle. 



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