Go over the edge with 3 sky scraping attractions

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 8:43 PM, Apr 13, 2017

Have you ever wondered what birds see when they fly by high rise buildings? Well you can find out if you're daring enough to try this swimming pool with a glass bottom….that just happens to be forty stories above the ground.

The pool hangs off of Houston's Market Square Tower, a luxury apartment complex finished at the end of 2016. The developer of the complex said the company thought the pool would be an attention grabber and they're absolutely right. If this pool has the adrenaline junkie in you looking to get its blood pumping, but you won't be in Houston any time soon, we've got three other crazy cool things you can do on skyscrapers.

1. Edgewalk – CN Tower, Toronto

The CN Tower rises 1,168 feet above the ground and you can walk on top of it with its Edgewalk. You'll be able to look down on the Toronto cityscape and stand right on the edge of the tower (or lean back and feel the breeze, if you're brave enough) while tethered to an overhead rail system that lets you walk around and get comfortable…you know, relatively. And if you think you're too chicken or weak to participate, we'll have you know that a brave girl of 13 and a daring woman of 94 have been able to take it on – so you can too.

But if walking on the edge is a little to crazy for you, take in the Toronto sights by taking a seat on the CN Tower's glass floor, the world's first, by the way, built in 1994.

2. Tilt – John Hancock Building, Chicago

You may have heard of Chicago's Willis Tower Skydeck, but the stakes have been upped, literally, with the John Hancock Building's Tilt attraction. Brave visitors can stand in a glass box with long windows that tilts out from the building 20 degrees, leaning them into a 1,000 foot above panoramic view of the Chicago street from the building's 94th floor.

3. Sky High Theme Park – Stratosphere, Las Vegas

If you want to combine your daredevil heights with your love of thrill rides, than The Stratosphere is the place for you. You'll find a ride or attraction for every thrill – X-Scream catapults riders 27 feet over the tower's edge 109 stories in the air. The ride Insanity holds riders 900 ft. above the ground while spinning 64 ft. over the edge, making looking down a triple dog dare. Big Shot blasts daredevils 160 ft. straight into the air before free falling back to the launch pad. And if you're just looking for a good old fashioned bungee jump, hit the tower's Sky Jump where you can leap off the tower from 829 feet up and freefall(-ish) at speeds topping 40 mph. Crazy!

* Bonus!: London Bridge Glass Walk

So, we know the London Bridge isn't necessarily a skyscraper, but you've got to check this out, especially if you're looking to conquer a fear of heights. To give the historical monument a "bridge" up on the competition (get it?), recently, an 11 metres long, 1.8 metres wide glass floor was put in so that visitors can look down at life on the bridge from 42 metres above the river. They'll have to make a new "London Bridge" nursery rhyme for this one!

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