Got a case of the Mondays? These Game of Thrones gifs totally get it

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 1:41 AM, Aug 1, 2017

Coming back to work after the weekend is hard enough, let alone trying to after an emotional Game of Thrones episode – How do they expect us to just forget what happened to (enter your favorite character here)! If you're finding yourself having a hard time getting back to it, you're not alone – here are 18 GOT gifs that are totally you on a Monday back to work.

* Possible Spoiler alerts if you aren't all caught up – which, if you aren't, what are you even doing?

That moment when your alarm goes off and you are not ready:

John Snow might not know much, but he knows he doesn't like Mondays…

That post-wake-up shower where you just think about your life and your choices:

What am I even doing with this Communication degree…

When you can't get your hair to do what you want, but you're running late so you're just like, "Forget it":

The Hot Mess look is very in this season and I am embracing it.

…Rush Hour Traffic:

How are we not moving at. all. What I wouldn't give for a dragon right now…

When you get into work and that one chipper coworker tries to talk to you before you've had any coffee:


When you finally get coffee from the break room…but it still tastes like coffee from the break room:

Why do we even bother…

When the morning meeting goes on way too long because of that one guy who always has something to say about everything:

Dude – we'd all like to leave this board room eventually…

When your boss says the project you thought was due next week is due today:

Welp – There goes my procrastinating…

When you thought you brought your lunch to work but you totally forgot it at home:

Why do bad things happen to good people?

So you're at the vending machine trying to decide if you want Lays chips or Cheetos…:

…wait, when did I say I'd start my diet…?

After daydreaming about going on vacation, you check your timecard to see if you can take one – only to find that you don't have enough PTO:

This cruel working world!

When you start to doze at your desk but then a coworker asks you for something:

Huh? What? *wipes drool from face* Yeah, uh, I got that email…

That feeling when other people are going home but you still have work to do:

"One day I will return home…one day…"

Quittin' time!:

"I can leave…! I can really leave! So long, suckers!"

…Rush Hour, part two:


When you finally make it back home, to the Land of No Pants:

I'm…home…HOME! Goodbye, pants! Hello, couch!

And winding down time can finally begin (emphasis on the wine):

What? It's called relaxation!

When you're finally reacquainted with your favorite spot on the couch and can rewatch Sunday's latest episode once again:

This is where I'm at my best…

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