Great Outdoors: 4 fun reasons to go glamping this summer

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By: Jimmy Rhoades | Meredith Witthar Posted: 4:11 PM, Jul 4, 2017

It's almost summertime so we're getting your prepped. The children will be out of school and the weather is nice so it's time to take those vacation days. This year why not try out the trend that's taking the world by storm… Glamping?! Jimmy Rhoades and Under Canvas’ Sarah Dusek have four fun reasons why the great outdoors is best experienced when done in luxury.

1.  Why's Glamping so Popular?

It's a huge trend that keeps growing because we are in an era of time when people are really valuing having experiences, and glamping at its heart is really about having an outdoor experience. It's like camping without all the hassles of actual camping.

2.  Why Not Just Book a Hotel?

Instead of the sounds of the parking lot and kids running down the hotel hallway you'll hear the rain, you will hear the birds in the morning and you'll have an authentic experience.

3.  Glamping Events & Parties

Under Canvas had a request to put together a Game of Thrones style birthday party in Iceland for five days and creating all the different kinds of tents for the different kinds of parties that exist in that show. These are the types of unique experiences you will get when glamping.

4.  DIY Glamping

Just grab a tent, roll out a rug, inflate that blowup mattress sitting in your closet and light some candles. Don’t forget the pillows for décor.

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