Great Summer Jobs

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 2:40 PM, May 24, 2022 Updated: 12:42 PM, May 31, 2022

For young people, summer is here, and school is out, which means one thing: it’s time to find a fun summer job. We spoke with career expert, Vicki Salemi who is sharing some summer jobs that have the wow factor.

Get Out of Town: Camp Counselor

Liberty Lake Camp owner, Andy Pritikin, has this advice to offer: “Working at summer camp allows you to reacquaint yourself with nature and disconnect from all those screens. While we’ve been trapped indoors, we’re an indoor society at this point!” he says, “The fact is that most of the world is outdoors. And it’s amazing, and it’s beautiful and it calms and restores.” You can expect to walk away with leadership skills, and a ton of great memories.

Be a Barista!

A job that can be done anywhere from a bustling, big city to a small rural town, being a barista is the new bartender – and bonus! Your clients are sober.

Love Pups? Be a Dog Walker!

If sitting inside and missing out on the beautiful weather sounds like a miserable way to spend the summer, consider dog-walking. Beyond taking advantage of the great outdoors, and spending time with man’s best friend, you’ll learn skills like punctuality, client communication, and customer service. “Summer gigs for dog walkers can range depend if you are working for an agency or doing it on your own accord, let’s say – as an entrepreneur, building your own business. So, although a main perk is the unconditional love that you’ll get from these dogs, make sure that you’re also making some money.”

Create a summer you’ll remember forever with one of these awesome summer jobs!