Grilling Season 2018 is Here: 3 BBQ Gadgets to Heat Up Your Cooking Game

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Posted: 5:58 PM, May 17, 2018 Updated: 1:45 AM, Jun 19, 2018

Grilling season is here! And we can already hear crackling flames calling our names, while sweet hickory smoke tantalizes our noses. So grab your tongs, because we're bringing you the best new barbecue gadgets to step up your grilling game this summer.

1. Slow N' Sear 

The Slow n' Sear offers a revolutionary design that will turn a kettle grill into a smoker and blistering hot-searing machine. All you do is load the half bowl-shaped basket up with charcoal, and place the grill on top. This turns one half of the grill into a direct heat zone and the other into an indirect heat convection zone.

The design of the charcoal basket extends your low and slow cooking time by hours, and makes super-charged searing a breeze. To smoke your meats, simply add your favorite wood chips on top of the charcoal, and pour water into the built-in trough. According to the product's description, the water trough has been engineered to deliver a five-hour supply of steam for steady temperatures and smokehouse-quality flavor. You can get the Slow N' Sear online, and it will run you about $100.  

2. The Powersmith Ash Vacuum 

Household vacuum cleaners and regular utility vacuums can't pick up ashes. The filters are not fine enough, so that's where the Powersmith Ash Vacuum comes in to lend you a hand. The three-gallon capacity vacuum has a two-layer heat resistant filter that handles ash as hot as 140 degrees. The motor also has an auto-shut off in case things get too hot inside. The inner layer is designed to trap the finest dust and ash, while the metal hose and canister make the whole machine heat resistant. 

The Powersmith can be found online and will vacuum out about $70 from your wallet. 

3. Kitchenque Stovetop Smoker  

That's right – you can now smoke your foods like you would on an outdoor grill in the comfort of your own kitchen. The Kitchenque Stovetop Smoker is compatible with most stoves and can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees. It uses super-fine smoking wood made just for indoor smokers and it's easy to set up. Get the Kitchenque online for around $100 bucks. 

Whether you've been putting off grilling because of the mess, or because it's too hot outside, there are no more excuses now! These BBQ gadgets are here, at affordable prices, to make grilling season your best one yet.  

Which one of these gadgets grabbed your attention? Sound off on those comments down below! 

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