Grocery Store Hacks: 3 Ways to Save Big Money with Store Brands

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 6:45 PM, Feb 14, 2018

Store brands, generic brand, off brands – whatever you call them, they can save you loads of money! Many grocery store shoppers stick to name brand products, because that's what they’re used to buying. But that may not be always be the best decision. In some cases, store brands cost half of what we're used to paying – and they're just as good! We spoke with consumer expert Lisa Lee Freeman, who gave us three tips on buying store brand products.


1. Always Try the Store Brand


Tip number one is to always give those store brands a try! Store brands are often made by the same manufacturers as the big brands. They often taste the same or even better than the big brands. Store brands can also take a bite out of organic food costs – especially packaged organics, which can be up to four times more expensive than non-organic foods. Take O Organics Raisin Bran, for example, which is 40 percent cheaper than name brand competitor Cascadian Farms. Private labels take a huge bite out of cost!


2. Buy Store Brands When Ingredients Are the Same


We’re pushing our carts to the pharmacy section for tip number two! “Always buy the store brand when the ingredients are exactly the same, or very similar,” says our expert Lisa. “And that's the case when it comes to over-the-counter drugs.” Advil, for example, can retail for about $6.50 – whereas generic brand ibuprofen can cost as little as $2.99. That’s more than half off in savings, so always buy store brands when ingredients are the same or similar.


3. Ditch the Losers


The third rule of purchasing store brands is to ditch the losers! Buy off brands is a great way to save money – but what if you’re unhappy with the product? Don’t worry, you can always return the store brands you don't like. Almost every store will take them back, even if they're opened. Just keep the receipt!


Groceries are among a family's biggest monthly expenses – so lose the big brands to save big!

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