Grocery Store Secrets: 3 super saving tips

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By: Jessica Robertson Posted: 3:57 PM, May 1, 2017

The average family of four spends around a thousand dollars a months on groceries — if want to get more dinner for your dollars, more snacks for your bucks, more produce for your pesos, Kristina Guerrero and SupermarketGuru’s Phil Lempert have three grocery store secrets that can save you big money.

1.  Store Brands 100% Guaranteed

Are you afraid of store brands? Don't be! They all come with a 100 percent money back guarantee and are very similar to the name brands.

2.  Music with a Motivation

Have you ever really listened to the music in the supermarket? It's programmed just like a radio station. In the morning they use faster music to get you out of the store quick and in the afternoon, more leisurely relaxed love songs. It makes you linger longer and spend more money! Be aware and don't let the music program your spending habits.

3.  Same Product, Different Prices

Did you know that you can find the same product in different parts of the store? For example, medium cheddar cheese at the fancy deli table or even the deli case can be a lot more expensive. Be sure to shop around for the best price.

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