Halloween Dog Costumes 2018: 3 Adorable Costume Ideas for Your Pup & You

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Cassarah Coffey Posted: 12:23 PM, Oct 19, 2018

Couples costumes are sooo last year. So instead, here’s a treat for this year: pair up with your pup! The List spoke with stylist Elyse Johnson who showed us three of the Halloween dog costumes you can pull off with your pooch!


1. Twinning

First on our list of Halloween dog costumes? Remember: you’re winning when you’re twinning! “Dressing alike is one of the easiest things to do, and it really brings to life the notion that pets and their owners look alike,” shares Elyse. Bring the magic as unicorns – or for a hot costume, work your buns as a pair of dogs. “What’s great about pet costumes now is you can find them everywhere. So CVS, Walmart, Target and, of course, Amazon,” adds Elyse. Who wouldn’t love a bite-sized version of themselves?


2. Play with Role Reversal

Halloween dog costumes don’t have to be identical to be fun. Try playing with role reversal! “Switching it up where you play the animal and the dog plays the human character is one of the funniest costumes,” explains Elyse. “You can do it by getting accessories for your dog, or what they call the walking dog costume. That’s one of the best ways, and you’ll want to make sure you get video of your dog in it because you can go viral. So many have!” Now that’s an idea that’s like, share, and subscribe-level cute. For another switcharoo, you can try a pirate and his parrot!


3. Halloween Dog Costumes: Pop Culture Coordination

Finally, bring pop culture to life, as these Halloween dog costumes are ones that everyone will recognize! “Characters from movies, TV shows and cartoons are really popular this year,” offer Elyse. “Game of Thrones is hot off of its Emmy wins, and Disney – well, you can’t go wrong there.” If your dog hates wearing costumes, Elyse has a tip you can use: “You can decorate a harness […] or a collar, and you can trick them into liking or at least tolerating their Halloween costume.”


If you’re looking for Halloween dog costume, now you’ve got three fetching ways to get frightful with Fido!


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