Happy Hour: 3 tips to follow when socializing after work

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 9:00 PM, Apr 28, 2017

More than ever, we're chained to our desks all day jamming at 100 miles an hour. So when do you have time to actually advance your career? HireStory's Theresa Maher says to make time for co-workers outside of work. Jimmy Rhoades is talking with her to find out how and what to do during happy hour that will help you climb the corporate ladder.

1.  Listen

If you're sitting around chit-chatting around a table or a couple of drinks, you can learn about career opportunities, promotional opportunities and basic business information that might come out in an audience of people that wouldn't normally be privy to that conversation. In less formal situations, people in the know can let their guard down.

2.  Relationships

Having personal allies can be really helpful when being considered for an opportunity. You've got more people that can help kind of push you forward in that sense. Relationships can also help when chances for advancement come up.

3.  Alcohol Fueled Gripe Sessions

Networking outside of the office is still with people in the office, so this isn't a complete safe zone for you to be able to say negative things about everyone or act like a complete idiot when you're out there.

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