Harry Potter Cruise: 3 Themed Cruises to Drive Fandoms Crazy!

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By: Jared Cotter | Meredith Witthar Posted: 10:53 PM, Feb 13, 2018

Cruises make a great getaway for the whole family. But if you think the only things to do on a long sea voyage is gorge yourself at the buffet, or drink cocktails under the sunset, think again! Here are three themed cruise ships that take sea-faring adventures to a whole new level.


1. Star Wars Day at Sea


Heroes, villains, action – oh my! If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you’ll love this first cruise on our list. Disney offers a seven day trip around the Caribbean – with one entire day devoted to all things Star Wars! Leaving from Port Canaveral, Florida, Star Wars enthusiasts are treated to a day-long adventure of epic encounters, costume celebrations – even and a Star Wars-themed stage show that lights up the night. Cruises run through April. May the force be with you!


2. The Cartoon Network Wave


Cruising in at number two is a theme sure to please the kiddies! Fans of Cartoon Network shows like the Powerpuff Girls can float their boat on a sea expedition that starts in Singapore, and sails to destinations across the Asia pacific. Families can stay in their choice of 800 fully-themed suites and cabins. There's even a haven for kids to play and learn at the Toonix Hub, two pools, and plenty more. Get your anime on in late 2018.


3. Harry Potter Cruise


The third cruise on our list is absolutely spellbinding! Hogwarts fans can tour the locations of Harry Potter movies this summer in an exclusive, seven-day river boat tour on an

eight-person barge named the Magna Carta. This magical cruise along the Thames River in England stops at various iconic scenes from the film series – including Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle. Master your wizarding spells, because there are only two trips starting August 5th and August 19th.


What exhilarating ways to put your vacation on cruise control!


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