7 Healing Crystals to Attract Balance & Tranquility

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By: Olivia Schneider | Sharon Rose | Victor Padilla Posted: 10:07 AM, Jun 21, 2019 Updated: 12:39 AM, Jan 5, 2022

Crystals aren’t just pretty to look at – they have meaningful symbolism, too! And many people use them because they have healing properties. We spoke with crystal expert Sharon Rose who shared the benefits and deeper meaning of crystals. Wondering which crystal you need? Put your intuition to the test by reading our list below and picking any stones that might apply to you.


1. Rose Quartz

The first healing crystal to know about is rose quartz. Sharon says this gorgeous, pale pink crystal is the quartz of unconditional love. “It’s really awesome to use if you’re just needing to love on yourself a little bit more; if you’re feeling down, or just feeling like you’re going through a heartbreak and trying to heal and mend a relationship with someone,” informs Sharon. Does this sound like you?


2. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is another stone you might use for healing. “This is a very calming and soothing crystal,” describes Sharon. “What we want to do when we’re speaking is be calm and soothing when we’re speaking our message, or saying what it is that we need to say. This is gonna evoke that energy that’s gonna make it calm and smooth in its delivery.” We feel more placid already!


3. Tiger’s Eye

This next crystal, tiger’s eye, is about healing your perception. “Tiger’s eye is known as a shape-shifting crystal. And mostly because it’s about perception and the way you see things,” Sharon reveals. “If you’re having issues seeing things clearly, like in an experience or circumstance that you’re going through, and you’re finding that your judgment might be cloudy [and] you wanna see things a different way – this is a really wonderful stone to use for that.” We’ve got out eyes on this stone for sure!


4. Selenite

Selenite is known as liquid light. “The healing qualities of this is that it’s a master clearer,” explains Sharon. “We use this crystal to clear all other crystals of the energy they absorb while being used or being in the spaces where they’re taking in that energy…Selenite is super healing because it absorbs all different kinds of energy, and it’ll hold all of it in a very calm way. So where some other stones can be kind of feisty in their energies, this is very calm and it’ll take any ailments that you’re having and hold it for you.” Duly noted!


5. Aragonite

Aragonite is connected deeply the to Earth and supports in connecting to your personal root and grounding. It aids in focus and concentration and serves as a powerful stone for manifesting thoughts into physical reality. It’s a calming and centering stone that supports the invocation of patience, discipline and self-control of its user. Sleep or meditate with aragonite under your pillow to anchor your dreams into physical reality, and to support you in taking aligned action.


6. Hematite

Hematite is the crystal of grounding and balancing. As soon as you touch it, you’ll feel your energy become strong and connected. It offers stability where you may feel off kilter in your body or in situations you are experiencing. It also absorbs negative and toxic energy while enhancing strength and confidence. Wearing this crystal daily bracelet will support you in staying in a place of balance and groundedness throughout your day.


7. Labradorite

Feeling down or uninspired? Let labradorite connect you with the magic of your inner knowing, aka your intuition. This stone provides support for symptoms of anxiety or a case of the blues. It creates an opening within your heart to see things differently and experience creative


As you can see, gemstones and crystals are more than just rocks. And now you know a few crystals to help bring healing to your life.