Here Come The Feels: Mom-and-baby pet rescue videos

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 6:11 PM, Apr 27, 2017

If you need a feel good moment to help your day go by, check out this rescue video from rescue organization, Hope For Paws. Known for taking every step possible to rescue stray or abandoned animals, HFP does it again in this video featuring a stray pit bull and a whole litter of puppies that get saved by rescuers during a huge California storm.

Excuse us while we melt from the overwhelming feels. Those names for those puppies? We can't even. Let this video be a reminder to you to always look out for the little guy, or the little pup, that might need your help. You'd be surprised how much it can brighten their day and their life. And adopt, don't shop!

If your heart needs to grow a few more sizes, check out a few other animal rescues that got another pet family and two little pups forever homes and made our sleeves wet with…..not tears! We're not crying, you're crying!

1. Kitty Cat Rescue

HFP doesn't discriminate when it comes to rescuing animals – any paws that need help are going to get help from rescuers, like this family of cats including a momma cat and her four kittens. See how the HFP crew rescues the family from a 60 ft. pipe with ingenuity and a remote control car!

2. Lion Rescue!

While this rescued pup isn't exactly a lion, he does look a little like one, hence his HFP given name, "Lion". After almost two months on the streets, the three year old dog finally let one of the team rescuers near enough to him to put their Lucky Leash around him, a reminder that sometimes you've got to be persistent, but eventually, that pup, kitten, or any animal, will trust you enough to let you love 'em. And love 'em, you'd better!

3. Cheeseburgers: A Rescuer's Best Friend

Banjo the dog was found with an injured paw, but that didn't stop him from giving smooches, getting pets, and eating rescuers' cheeseburger as they attempted to rescue him. See how sweet he is in this adorable rescue video and if you live in the HFP area, you might be able to adopt Banjo at the Doggie Bonez adoption site!

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