Hide the Kids!: 6 Cartoons for Adult’s Eyes Only

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 6:19 PM, Oct 2, 2017

Do you remember what your favorite cartoon was as a kid? Now that you're all grown up, you might not watch as many cartoons as you used to; or if you are, it's probably something the kids want to watch. But if you want to get back to your cartoon roots, here are 6 shows you're bound to enjoy – and won't have to share with the kiddos. So, put the munchkins to bed, grab the remote, and get ready for fun made just for us grown-ups.

1. Venture Bros.

If you grew up loving Jonny Quest and the Hardy Boys, you can relieve all the adventure, science, and action with Adult Swim's Venture Bros. The creators of the show modeled the characters after characters in Jonny Quest, and the show's angle is the idea that growing up as a boy adventurer regularly facing life-threatening events might turn a boy into a pretty neurotic man.

The show follows the Venture family: Sons, Hank and Dean, two not-so-smart boys dragged on adventures by their father Dr. Venture, a super scientist and former boy adventurer. Each episode, the Venture family finds themselves in dangerous traps and situations, set for them by super villains you'd recognize from your favorite comics. And if you love Patrick Warburton (Joe on Family Guy and Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove), you'll love him as the family's tough, Swedish bodyguard that often comes to their aid through feats of strength – and cartoon violence.

2. F Is for Family

Relive life as a kid in the '70s with Netflix's F Is for Family. The show centers around ranting, potty mouth, Frank Murphy, a baggage handler, Korean War veteran, and dad trying to make it through the world changing around him. As stressful as work is, so is his wacky family – his Tupperware selling wife and their kids – the burn out, the "sweet" princess, and the kid in the middle trying to make it through middle school alive.

The show is based on comedian Bill Burr's life, who stars in the show as his own ill-tempered, yet well-meaning dad trying to provide for his family, his way. You'll love the real life, nostalgic throwbacks, from the way characters are drawn, to the music that scores the show. There's even a hilarious scene where the characters try to figure out their newfangled futuristic household item – the answering machine.

3. Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is what Hollywood would look like if characters from your favorite animals-as-humans show like Looney Tunes grew up, moved to LA and either made it or became party animals, chewed up and spit out by Hollywood. The show follows Bojack Horseman, a washed-up star who was big in the '90s but has been dropped from the A list to the D list. You'll cringe over the ideas Bojack has to revive his career as he focuses more on fading fame than his close, Hollywood friends.

You'll enjoy the show's hilarious sight gags that come with the animal-human characters, like bird people flying to work or cat people with scratching posts in their office. And incredible talents drive the show: Amy Sedaris plays a fast-talking agent, that's also a cat; Aaron Paul is a sweet, freeloading dimwit; and Will Arnett as loveable, and hateable, Bojack.

4. Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law

Another show built around the cartoons you loved as a kid, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, shows what it' be like if your favorite Hanna-Barbera superheroes and characters got regular jobs as lawyers and judges. Harvey Birdman, who you might recognize from Birdman and the Galaxy Trio, is a lawyer at Sebben & Sebben who takes cases no one else wants, for your favorite Hanna-Barbera characters.

But these aren't just regular courtroom cases. The show cleverly uses clips from episodes of '60s and '70s Hanna-Barbera cartoons as settings for crimes and examples of evidence during trials. Some of the funniest instances of this innovation include Scooby-Doo and Shaggy getting pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence (of what, you can probably guess) and Fred Flinstone being prosecuted for possibly being a mob boss – The "Dabba Don" – he did work construction after all.

5. Archer

If you're a fan of spy films, workplace comedies, and Burt Reynolds, then you've got to get into FX's Archer. Considered by its creator to be a cross between James Bond and Arrested Development, the show centers around Sterling Archer, the world's most dangerous secret agent who works at a spy firm – ran by his mother – who is super suave, but is also kind of a jerk.

You'll also get to know his ridiculous coworkers – his fellow agent and on-and-off girlfriend; their desperate, gossipy, dairy farm raised HR director; and their "Boy from Brazil", weird invention making scientist Krieger. Along with the hilarious running gags, you'll love the '60s vibe that drives the James Bond theme home, from the clothes the characters wear, to the cars they drive, even to the political climate where the Cold War never ended. And Bob's Burgers fans, if you love the sound of John H. Benjamin's voice, you'll love him as the self-absorbed, snarky Archer.

6. Rick and Morty

If you haven't heard of Rick and Morty, you've got to be living under a rock – or you're stuck in an alternate dimension. The show is kind of like what would happen if Doc Brown and Marty McFly went on more adventures, but got a bit more crazy along the way. The science-fiction based series follows crude, mad scientist and drunk Rick Sanchez and his shy, anxiety-ridden grandson, Morty, as they adventure through space and time to help (or wreak havoc on) other worlds in space.

When they aren't having fantastical adventures, they're dealing with regular life on earth and it's boring, frustrating, often difficult human experiences. When they can't break away to other planets to escape, they often try applying interdimentional solutions to their earthling problems – to ridiculous results that you definitely won't expect – and the shock of the show is half the fun.

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