Holderness Family Addresses America’s STD Problem: “Shopping at Target Disorder”

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Posted: 4:47 PM, Apr 4, 2018

STD's are a serious issue in this country. Obviously, we're talking about "Shopping at Target Disorder!" How many times have you gone to America's favorite retail giant just to pick up a few things and come out with a basketful? We've been there, and it's a tough disorder to have especially when you're trying to save money. 

Well, our favorite YouTube family, The Holderness Family, is addressing this real issue faced by many in their latest video. The PSA-style sketch focuses on all-too familiar situations like ending up in the dollar section, or the seasonal costumes, not remembering how you got there.  

Check out the full video below and share it with someone YOU think has a "Target run" problem. 

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