Holiday Cooking Gadgets: 3 Kitchen Tools to Save You Time on Dinner

By: Mike Dunn | Segun Oduolowu Posted: 11:44 AM, Nov 12, 2018

If you want to be a culinary ninja this holiday season, Chef Jon-Paul Hutchins has three killer kitchen tools you need to check out. Read on to see these amazing holiday cooking gadgets in action!

1. The Food Mill

Let’s start our list of best holiday cooking gadgets with the food mill. Food mills puree more delicately than machine processors. A great example? Mashed potatoes! Typical machine processors can smear the potatoes, which results in a gluey, paste-like texture. Why settle for that?! Food mills, on the other hand, will leave your mashed potatoes light and fluffy. These kitchen tools are affordable, too! Prices for food mills typically start around $30 dollars.


2. Kitchen Tools: Induction Countertop Burner

Next on our roundup of holiday cooking gadgets? Let’s look at an induction countertop burner. Because it uses electromagnetic energy, no flames or heating coils are used. These kitchen tools are more efficient because 100% of the energy goes from the burner to the pot. Pretty cool, huh? The induction burner also turns itself off when there isn’t a pot on top. Induction burners can be found online with prices starting at around $50 bucks.


3. Holiday Cooking Gadgets: Fuzzy Logic  Rice Cooker

Last on our list of killer kitchen tools is the fuzzy logic computerized rice cooker. Using these bad boys is super easy! Simply tell the cooker what grain is inside and it calculates the quantity, the heat needed, and how long it takes to cook – then it sets the time! The rice cooker also comes with a bowl that sits inside, on top of your grain of choice, that you can fill with meat and vegetables. It cooks the rice below and steams the food in the bowl. Talking about a multitasking gadget!


Is your mouth watering yet?! If you’re looking for helpful holiday cooking gadgets, now you know of three cool kitchen tools to save you time!


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