Holiday Gift Guide: 3 Innovative New Cleaning Gadgets

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By: Lindsey Granger | Orlando Morales Posted: 1:50 PM, Nov 8, 2016

If you’re trying to find the perfect gift for that person in your life that’s super clean, we’ve got you covered! Bradley Hasemeyer has three new innovative gadgets that will make this Christmas extra MERRY.

1.  Sonic Scrubber

This is a set of rechargeable scrub brushes that aim to knock the gunk off floors, toilets or any surface. The interchangeable brush heads are good for various jobs and its long handle keeps you at a safe distance from whatever nasties you’re cleaning. Pick up this set for around $25.

2.  Bissell SmartClean

This robot tackles both carpet and hard surfaces! You can set it to automatically clean your floors seven days a week and when it's done, it'll keep itself juiced by parking on a charger. The coolest feature might be its cliff detection which will save your robot maid from taking a tumble down the stairs. Pick one up for around $300.

3.  Force of Nature

This uses salt water and vinegar to create a nontoxic cleaner that claims to pack the same power as bleach. When you push the start button it sends an electrical current through the solution that breaks apart the molecules and scrambles them into two new power molecules. This bad boy will kill grease, grime and germs! Pick up the starter kit for $90.

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