Holiday Gift Guide: 3 Unique Games Changing the Game

By: Kristina Guerrero | Orlando Morales Posted: 7:37 PM, Dec 22, 2016

If you’re trying to find the perfect gift for those tech-savvy children in your life, we’ve got you covered! Kristina Guerrero has three unique games that will make this Christmas extra MERRY.

1.  Square Off

This is a Wi-Fi connected chess set that has some serious moves of its own. You can play against a computerized opponent with 20 different difficulty levels. The best part is you can play anyone, anywhere in the world through an app. You can pre-order now for around $300.

2.  PinBox 3000

This is a tabletop pinball game made out of cardboard. After you put it together, it's a blank slate for creative types, allowing you to draw all over it and add whatever you can imagine to create your own customized pinball game. Pick one up for around $50.


This is an invention that takes the eww out of beer pong. When you miss a shot the ball gets filthy when it hits the ground and if you think dunking the ping pong ball in a water cup cleans it off,, you’re wrong. Slip Cup goes on top of your beer cup and keeps the crud out of your Bud. Pick up a 20 pack for around $15.

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