Horoscopes: Find the Perfect Partner Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 4:15 PM, Jun 8, 2018 Updated: 3:43 PM, Jun 25, 2018

Looking for love? Your horoscope and zodiac sign just might hold the answer – especially when it comes to compatibility! So ditch the dating apps, because we’re turning to a higher source for love advice: the stars! We consulted intuitive astrologer Geri Young, who shared the best astrological lover for you based on your zodiac sign.


1. Aries + Sagittarius


The Sagittarius brings out Aries' adventurous side. Even though the Sagittarius may bring a little drama to their love life, the Aries loves drama. 

2. Taurus + Pisces


The Taurus is very helpful and supportive and would be the Pisces' number one fan backing up their big dreams. 

3. Aquarius + Capricorn


The Capricorn grounds the Aquarius, whose head is oftentimes very high up in the clouds. Capricorns are patient and will listen to the Aquarius' ideas.

4. Virgo + Cancer

Cancer brings comfort to the Virgo. Virgos are very much homebodies who like to keep to themselves. The Cancer is much more social, and are oftentimes public figures who need the support at home that the Cancer brings. 

5. Capricorn + Scorpio


Scorpio helps to balance out the intense Capricorn. Scorpios can be intense too and like to stay in their thoughts, so their similar goals really complement one another. 

6. Pisces + Aquarius


The Aquarius inspires Pisces. Pisces are coming and going all the time. They need somebody that will let them be themselves when they get home and help them to process their feelings.

7. Libra + Leo


Libra is motivated by the Leo. Libras can procrastinate like crazy, and Leos give them that fire to get going. 

8. Gemini + Aries


Aries motivates the Gemini to go further. The Gemini can sometimes get stuck in all the details of a situation. They have great ideas, but Aries help them to accomplish their goals. 

9. Cancer + Taurus


Cancer is motivated and inspired by Taurus. Taurus is territorial when they love someone, and since Cancer loves to be the most important one in someone's life, they make the perfect pair. 

10. Scorpio + Virgo


The Virgo helps to structure and design the Scorpio. Scorpios can sometimes concentrate too much on their feelings, so when emotions rise, they tend to lose their focus. Virgos help bring them back to the facts and make the Scorpios feel safe. 

11. Leo + Gemini


Leos love to be the best at everything, so when they get a bit too full of themselves, the Gemini helps to ground them. The Gemini helps the serious Leo to be a bit more playful too. 

12. Sagittarius + Scorpio


Since Sagittarius likes to jump from thing to thing, the Scorpio keeps them focused and acts as their moral compass. The Sagittarius is quick to become distracted exploring all the wonders of the world. The Scorpio brings them a home life that helps them to remember what to come home to.


Did your zodiac match describe your needs? Sound off in the comments below!


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