3 Signs Your House is Haunted by Ghosts or Spirits

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By: Todd Covelli | Victor Padilla Posted: 10:02 AM, Sep 28, 2018 Updated: 10:49 AM, Oct 1, 2018

Halloween is right around the corner, bringing with it candy, costumes and the paranormal – like ghosts and spirits. But are ghosts real, or just a supernatural myth we see on dozens of scary reality shows? The List spoke with Rob Kohler of the Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society, who says not only are these entities real – he’s shared three ways to know if your house is haunted by ghosts!


1. Drops in Temperature


The first sign that your house is haunted by ghosts? Dramatic drops in temperature! If you’ve ever noticed a sudden chill in a room, this could indicate that you are not alone. Rob says this is often a clue that a spirit is manifesting itself. Professional ghost hunters use a temperature gauge to measure this, which you can find for about sixteen bucks online.


2. Unexplained Voice


Another sign your house is haunted by ghosts? Look out for unexplained voices – especially if other people hear them, too. Ghost hunters capture these sounds with an EVP recorder (electronic voice phenomena). This device is just a digital recorder with the audio played back at various speeds and volumes. Sometimes the volume of a spirit’s voice is very low, so this tool helps amplify the sound. EVP recorders can be found online for about a hundred dollars.


3. Shadows & Orbs


Do you ever see something shadowy flicker at the corner of your eye? Keep your eyes peeled, because Rob says orbs and shadowy figures could be a sign your house is haunted by ghosts – especially if you spot them in your peripheral vision. Want a gadget to measure what you can’t see? Try using an EMF meter, which measures the electromagnetic flux in a space, and can help determine whether a spirit is nearby. You can find these online for about sixty dollars.


Well, now you’ve got three signs to look out for.



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