How Stores Will Survive the Retail Apocalypse

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By: Jimmy Rhoades | Jessica Robertson Posted: 8:52 PM, Nov 10, 2017

2017 has been a terrible year for retailers and 2018 could be even worse. Some of the top companies are on the watch list for bankruptcy. How can and will they survive? Jimmy Rhoades is talking with consumer expert Lisa Lee Freeman to find out what it will take to stop the "Retail Apocalypse."

1.  Experience Shopping

Stores are adding fun actives for kids and personal customer service to entice shoppers. Nordstrom is even offering free styling advice.

2.  Look for More Pop-Up Stores

We're going to see more stores that are just open for a couple of months taking advantage of seasonal opportunities. Online companies like Amazon and EBay will also be experimenting with these types of stores.

3.  Compete for Convenience

There is going to be a rise in overhead, which means less staffing and in return, bigger savings for the customers. Saving money is going to be one of the big draws in getting people off online and into the actual stores.

If you don't want your favorite store to close, shop there.

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