How to Catch a Liar: 3 Ways to Know if Someone is Lying

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Jessica Robertson Posted: 8:08 PM, Feb 9, 2018

Learn how to know if someone is telling the truth! The average person hears up to two hundred lies per day. Can you look a person in the eyes and tell if they’re lying? While most people can get away with telling a lie here or there, there are signs to watch out for. We spoke with Paul Draper, a renowned mentalist and anthropologist, who taught us three ways to tell if someone isn't being truthful with you. 

1. Everyone Has Their "Tells"


We’ve all heard of a poker face, but language can also indicate fibs. Our expert calls these cues your “tells.” “A 'tell' is when their body language is telling you something that their voice doesn't want you to know,” Paul explains. “We start to touch our hair, touch our lip, wipe away sweat. [We also] rub our hands, [or] straighten things on the table in order.” But wait! There are more “tells” to decipher, which include blinking too fast, not blinking at all, and avoiding eye contact. Speaking of eyes, right-handed people tend to look to the upper left, and vice versa for a left-handed person, if they’re lying. What’s the psychology behind these behaviors? "These are self-comforting behaviors to make us feel better about lying,” Paul reveals. True dat!

2. Unnecessary Superlatives


If it sounds like someone’s trying too hard to sell you on something, Paul says it could be a sign that they’re lying. "When someone is using words like, 'it's huge', 'it's incredible', 'it's the greatest' – they are saying that they are lying. [T]hey are trying to sell that to you, rather than just giving you the information." Key phrases are a giveaway you should look out for! "[W]hen someone says, ‘this time it's the truth’, ‘honestly,’ [and] ‘if I'm going to be honest with you,’” Paul shares, "that's someone that may or may not be telling the truth this time, but they're letting you know that they're a person that regularly lies." Hmm, good to know!

3. Stories that Get Bigger


And the final way on our list to know if someone’s lying or not? Pay close attention to whether their stories get bigger. If the person in question makes too many far out, exaggerated claims – most likely they’re telling stories!

If you've read this far, you are now ready to get out there and be a human lie detector test! Follow Paul Draper on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about detecting deception. 

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