How to Catch a Snake: Explorer Grabs & Wrestles Burmese Python

By: Dave Taylor | Jared Cotter Posted: 6:08 PM, Feb 9, 2018

Snakes. Merely uttering the word gives us the creeps! While most high school seniors spend time studying, this student spends his time a little differently: catching Burmese pythons!

We’re talking about North Carolina High School senior Ben Zino from YouTube Channel The Wild Report, who’s snake-charming his way to the top of our Viralist.

It may look like Ben has a death wish, but this young explorer knows exactly what he's doing! His process entails distracting, grabbing, then wrestling the slithery serpentine.

Watch the video above to see exactly how Ben captured this 10-foot python – and learn some fascinating facts about this Burmese bad boy!

Oh, and remember not to try this at home, folks.

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