How to Cleanse Crystals with Sage, Salt & Sound

By: Jacqui Denker | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 6:48 PM, Jun 16, 2020

Many people use crystals to ward away negative energy and sooth the mind, body and spirit. But what do crystals do with all the negative energy? Well, they are said to absorb it – so just like anything else, they need a good cleaning once in a while. The List spoke with spiritual teacher Keith Caplin to learn how to cleanse crystals properly.


1. How to Cleanse Crystals with Salt


Our first tip on how to cleanse your crystals involves two simple ingredients: salt and water! “When I first started doing this, the first big thing with clearing crystals was using saltwater,” explains Keith. “So you use like sea salt, and I like to use an earthen vessel. I try not to use metal or anything like that ‘cause the salt can sometimes react with the metal.” Then place your crystals in the bowl and let them soak for however long you’d like – but be careful! “Some minerals are soluble in water, which means they’ll dissolve in water,” warns Keith. He suggests Googling your crystal before you soak it to see if it is soluble in water. “That doesn’t mean you […] can’t use saltwater,” Keith adds. “You just rinse them really quickly… You can dip it, [then] rinse it off.” Easy peasy!


2. How to Cleanse Your Crystals with Sage


Next, we’re turnin’ up the heat by clearing with smoke. “I typically use sage for smudging or clearing with smoke, but any smoldering herbs can be used if you have a connection with that plant…Some people prefer Palo Santo or lavender,” Keith advises.  So grab your plant of choice, a ceramic bowl, a feather and then waft the smoke around with the intent of clearing out and clearing off the heavy energy. And if you’re using sage, there’s a bonus! “In addition to clearing energy, it’s also been proven that the smoke from sage is anti-microbial. So it helps also [to] clean the air,” adds Keith.


3. Sound


Finally, let’s get loud by clearing with sound, which Keith says clears the space. You can use a singing bowl or even a gong – just play them around your crystals! “Wherever the crystals happen to be, whatever room they happen to be sitting in, you can be playing them around the vibrations of sound,” informs Keith. “It’s about keeping our crystals at their optimum vibration.”


Now you know how to cleanse crystals to keep the good vibes flowing!