How to Cool Down Your Car with 3 Super Easy Hacks

how to cool down your car

If you’ve ever tried to get into a car in the dead of summer and the inside feels like an uninhabitable desert, you’re not alone. So for help we turned to Bryan Long of Courtesy Chevrolet who showed us how to cool down your car from the summer heat.


1. How to Cool Down Your Car by Fanning the Door


We’re starting off by fanning the door! “Before you get in, you actually roll down one of the windows on the other side, and then you open your door and you close it like seven times,” says Bryan. Passersby might look at you like you’re crazy – but Bryan says this actually forces some of that hot air out before you get in.


2. How to Keep Your Car Cool with Spray Water


Next, we’re keeping it cool by spraying a little water on hot surfaces! “A good little trick that you can do is have a little spray bottle with you, and just spray it on something before you touch it,” suggests Bryan. “It’s really gonna cool that down quickly.” But just be careful where you keep it! “Keep it in your bag or your pocket and bring it out with you,” warns Bryan. “I would not recommend keeping it in the car ‘cause it’ll be hot and it will evaporate pretty quickly.”


3. Use a Koozie


Our last tip on how to cool down your car? Protect your hand with a koozie! “Keep a koozie with you in the vehicle and you can put that on your shifter or you can use it to help get your seat belt around you and it will make touching those things a lot easier,” shares Bryan. It works exactly like an oven mitt!


If you’re like us, you’re sick of melting away in the car. But now you know how to cool down your car with three easy hacks!


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