How to Create an Online Course Business in 3 Steps

By: Mike Dunn | Victor Padilla | Segun Oduolowu Posted: 3:56 PM, Jun 10, 2020

No matter what you love to do, there’s no reason you can’t turn that passion into dollars. The List spoke with Amy Porterfield, an online marketing expert, who shared three genius tips on how to create an online course business.


1. Find Your 10% Edge


The first tip on how to create an online course business is determining what Amy calls your 10 percent edge. “You need to make sure that you’ve gotten results for yourself, or for somebody else.  Or you know how to use some kind of system, or process, or tool really well so that you could teach,” Amy insists.


Here’s a helpful example of how one woman found her edge. A doctor who was taking Amy’s course gained 50 pounds due to her hectic schedule, but she worked to get it off and got results. “She figured out still how to lose the 50 pounds, and all the other physicians [she worked] with said, how did you do that? Teach me how you did that,” describes Amy. The doctor then built a website and created a digital video course giving other busy female physicians the road map to how she did it herself. “She made $250,000 on her very first launch! You do not need to be an expert. She wasn’t an expert in weight loss. She was an expert at knowing how she lost weight, and that’s what she taught,” adds Amy.


2. Get Clear on Your Content


Next, Amy says you’ll need to get clear on your content. “Sit down and grab a stack of Post-it notes and all the ideas that you have about what you can teach,” she instructs. “Start writing them down and posting them on that, on the wall.” Then, whittle down your ideas by organizing them into digestible segments. “[That way], when you teach it, you’ll have more confidence teaching it and people can follow along really easily,” Amy assures.


3. Create an Effective Website


Amy dishes advice on the final step, which is getting your content out there with an effective website: “That means you’re doing a blog every week, or you’re doing a podcast every week, or you’re doing a video show every week…[I]t doesn’t need to be super fancy; not a lot of bells and whistles.” And there are inexpensive and even free tools online that will let you create an effective, modern yet simple site.  “Your weekly original content, a blog, a podcast, or a video, and an About page are the two most important pages on your website. And then if you want to add a Contact Me page so people can reach out to you, that would be great as well,” she offers. Great idea!


Whether you’re an artist, musician, teacher, gardener – you name it! –, you’ve got skills that some people will pay to learn. And now you’re armed with some awesome tips on how to create an online course business!