How to Create & Register a Website with Google – 3 Easy Steps!

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By: Jimmy Rhoades | Victor Padilla Posted: 11:40 AM, Jun 3, 2019

In a time where your website is your business card, you want one that stands out. Google’s Mary Ellen Coe has three tips on how to create and register a website with Google.


1. Build It


Our first tip on how to create and register a website with Google? You’ve gotta build it! “Building a website used to be costly and time-consuming,” says Coe. Content management frameworks like Drupal or WordPress have steep learning curves. But free website builders such as Weebly and Google – or low-cost options such as Wix and Squarespace – have simple templates that make web design drag-and-drop easy. “Ten minutes. Three easy steps. Any small business owner can create a very visually compelling site that features their products and services,” insists Coe.


2. How to Register a Website with Google


Once you have your website, list it! You can manage what’s displayed when you show up in a search at a portal they’ve created just for small businesses called Google My Business. Coe says you can feature a multitude of things, “like the hours that they’re open; or restaurants, a featured menu; or for retailers, promoted products. And that can all be done through a mobile app.” Plus, that single listing will place you on multiple platforms, like search, Google Maps and even YouTube.


3. Bridge Online to Real Life


The last step in getting customers into your brick-and-mortar store. “Post a picture of the storefront on Google My Business, which shows up on Google Maps,” advises Coe. But don’t count on those Google cars with the cameras to capture a great shot of your storefront. Take a beauty shot of your storefront and signage that you control. “It just makes it easier to spot,” adds Coe. “They know what the sign looks like so that when the consumer is driving by, they know how to find you.” And a couple more tips – you will get reviewed, so listen to that feedback to improve your service. Once you’re comfortable, try adding extras like video tours or product demonstrations.


Ready to get your small business online? Welp, now you know how to create and register a website with Google.


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