How to Design Your Home Like 4 of TV’s Biggest Shows

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 4:25 PM, Oct 5, 2017

Have you ever watched a show you loved and thought "Man, I wish my place looked like that"? Now it can! We're diving into 4 of TV's most popular shows with iconic home decor and showing you how you can apply their style at your own place – no expensive set designers required.

1. Friends

The secret to the home styling like your favorite TV friends is authenticity. The apartments of the friends were all based on their personalities and tastes (and budgets) – the last thing they worried about was how "styled" their places looked – if they loved a piece of furniture (like a foosball table or seashell lamp), they found a place for it! Head to a consignment store for furniture and art that's one of a kind and to find unique pieces that speak to you and your interests.

And don't worry about finding complete sets for your kitchen or dining room. Part of the charm of Monica's apartment was the clever use of mismatching, whether it was with chairs at a table or with pillows on the couch. And for bachelor pads like Chandler and Joey's, look for pieces like barstools or even sturdy end tables that can double as decor and extra seating.

2. I Love Lucy

If you love the charm of '50s and '60s decor, or you're just a huge fan of I Love Lucy, you can make your place just like the Ricardos' with a bit of thrifting. Recreate their iconic living room with printed couches, armchairs, or sets with vintage-inspired patterns. Find them at a consignment store for real vintage authenticity, or look at more modern stores like Target.

(Not a fan of the printed look? Go for the Ricardos' Beverly Palms home look, which featured a neutral couch, dressed up with richly colored pillows and matching lamps). For your coffee table and other structured pieces like bookshelves and end tables, look for pieces made in mid-century styles, for the throwback look, made for modern living.

Then, take your '50s kitsch to the next level with the addition of old style paintings, fancy china, cameos, and quirky porcelain pieces for walls and shelves. Consider putting up lace curtains on your windows to bring the vintage feel home. And don't forget decorative tablecloths for the dining room! These feminine touches soften the edges of more rigid furniture pieces and put your home into nostalgic overdrive.

3. Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and Leonard's

If you tend to like your place pretty subdued, the style of Sheldon and Leonard's apartment might be perfect for you. The apartment features a lot of wood and neutral paint colors, perfect backdrops for fun pieces that really speak to your personality. Look for neutral colored furniture that screams comfort, but don't be afraid to grab a couch in a fun shade like burgundy or grey to add different tones to the room.

Once you have those bases, dress them up with louder pillows and patterned rugs – and add a sleek coffee table that adds some class to the casual feel of the room. And don't forget to add your personality through fun things like the guys' rubik cube tissue cover, or putting up your own message boards for notes to the rest of the house – or for your physics homework.

Penny's Place

If you are a big fan of color, Penny's apartment might be for you. Her tables and chairs are basic, but her style and color comes in just about everywhere else. Get her style by starting with a couch in a bright or unexpected color, then build around it with pieces in coordinating colors – and that coordination can come in any form, from another armchair, to throw blankets and pillows, even to your curtains! The key is choosing colors that all go together to keep your place from looking a mess.

Keep the color theme going, even with neutral furniture, by adding colorful lamps or lampshades to boring, typical lamps, or add a decorative runner to your dining room table.

4. Modern Family

The Pritchetts'

If you love the ultra-modern look of Jay and Gloria's place, recreate it by thinking about painting a room or accent wall in an attention-grabbing color, like the red in their home, or other bold, deep colors you like. Accent that color with wood pieces finished in deep, rich colors like cherry, onyx, or espresso that really pop off the colors on the wall. Once you have those staple pieces, the rest of your furniture can be more understated to really show off the brilliance of those tables and surfaces.

Keep most chairs and sofas in neutral colors; but add pizzaz here and there with fun animal print chairs or lamps or large prints and mirrors. Just make sure you keep those crazier prints separated from each other so they don't clash. Keep knick knacks on the shelves unless they go with your color scheme – this modern look is about sleekness, so everything should have a place.

The Dunphys'

The Dunphy's home is a modern take on the the typical, comfy, family household and the secret to the style is organized chaos. The home features a lot of different prints, but they all go together. So if you've already got a well-loved neutral couch, think about what colors you'd want to accent it with. See if you can find an armchair in those colors – and put it in the same room! Then add those colored accents to your neutral couch, to tie everything together.

And with a warmer, comfier rooms and furniture comes a warmer atmosphere; so this design scheme is made for your decorative hangings and random knickknacks. Keep your organized chaos theme going throughout the house with gallery walls of family photos and gallery style hangings of your favorite quirky decorations.

The Tucker-Pritchetts'

The personalized, minimalist home is perfect for someone who wants their place to look modern but not feel like a museum. The name of the game for this decor is texture – which adds the live-in feel to the modern, structured look – and natural lighting: open windows and light coming in makes a modern home look more inviting. When it comes to the furniture, look for pieces that are made with comfy fabrics, but look structured and modern, to bring that class into the room.

Get a statement colored couch and coordinate it with other chairs in more neutral tones and match it with a rug in a texture you'll want to sink your toes into. For tabletops, look for tables with their own special elements that make them stand out in the room – whether through special wood finishes or surprise elements, like an attached bench – and use end and side tables and shelves as designated areas to pile on your knick knacks and fun.

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