How to Get Freelance Work Online – 3 Top Freelance Job Sites!

By: Todd Covelli | Victor Padilla Posted: 11:16 AM, Jun 10, 2019 Updated: 11:19 AM, Jun 10, 2019

Wanna learn how to get freelance work online? Then keep reading because we’re showing you a few top freelance job sites to consider.


Top Freelance Job Sites


Remember when the “gig economy” started? A few years back, part-time work with rideshare companies or cleaning services started becoming a popular way to earn a few extra bucks. Now, recent research shows that 40% of large employers expect to hire gig workers in the near future. We hit some of the top freelance job sites in varied industries to find out how to get freelance work and put some extra cash in your pocket.


1. How to Get Freelance Work with Fiverr


Let’s start our list of top freelance sites with Fiverr, a site offering professional services starting at five bucks. “Fiverr’s a website where freelancers can get together and offer their services – so anyone who has a professional skill can join the site,” says Aaron Fischer, a voiceover artist. Aaron says Fiverr does all the marketing, allowing him focus on his skill, which is making voiceovers for companies from Disney to the WWE. And no matter your skill, you keep 80% of what Fiverr charges a client. Plus, you can earn serious money by offering additional services. “The initial price might be five dollars, but with add-ons, for ten minutes of your time, you could be making $150-$200 dollars,” adds Aaron. Check out Fiverr‘s website to see if you have a skill that will sell.


2. Task Rabbit


Next on our roundup of top freelance job sites is Task Rabbit – a freelance labor service where you can become a “tasker”. “Our taskers have amazing skillsets and tons of experience in everything from handyman work, to moving, cleaning,” says Sara, the Tasker Operations Manager. You use the Task Rabbit app to set the days and hours you are available. Whether it’s hanging a TV, light cleaning, or putting furniture together, you keep 85% of the total fee. Hop on over to to join these busy bunnies.




Last on our list of top freelance job sites is a dog lover’s dream: –  a dog sitting service. You simply apply online, get approved, and upload your profile and set your own rates. One user named Katherine Reckling earns extra income with dog boarding. “We put our profile up because my kids were bugging me to get another dog, and we started hosting all these fun, furry pets,” she shares. And the holidays can mean big bucks for her doggie hotel. “We’ve done like twelve to fifteen hundred dollars over the break, for that week,” reveals Katherine. You’ll pocket 85% of the total fee. Check out for all the details.


These days, no matter what skill you have, there’s a service out there that can use your help. Ready to start earning extra cash? Good, because now you know how to get freelance work online.


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