How to Pick the Perfect Nickname for Your Grandma – Must Watch!

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By: Dave Taylor | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 4:16 PM, Apr 30, 2018

Grandmas – they pamper us, they take care of us, and they feed us delicious food when we come over. But who would've thought that choosing a name for them would be such serious business. How do you decide between keeping it traditional or straying from the norm? 

Our friends at the YouTube Channel, "It's a Southern Thing" might be on to something as they're choosing to shop for one! In this hilarious new sketch, we see a grandma-to-be shopping for what will be her future name. The options are endless – we have Memaw, Mimi, Gigi, and more. And if the new name doesn't sit well with the rest of the family, no need to worry – the store offers a one-year return policy. 

Check out the full video below to hear all the options for the grandma's-to-be, and see why it's at the top of our Viralist. 

What's YOUR grandma's assigned name, and would you change it? Sound off in the comments down below! 

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